General Questions I can't find answers to

Hello, everyone. This is my first post on these forums. I want to get into developing online games and EO seems to be a fantastic way to start because it comes with so much already done. I intend to mod the code to help me learn, in addition to doing unrelated tutorials online. That being said, there are a few things I can’t seem to find an answer to on the forums.

1: What coding language does the game use?

2: What software (compiler?) do I need to mod the code when I begin developing a game from EO?

3: Which versions of EO are free to modify? I only have EO4 downloaded but I read a thread that said you can’t modify it, which is saddening because it       lacks some features I would want to add (like various AoE shapes besides circles.)

4: Is there some kind of chatroom for EO and its userbase? Forums aren’t a great medium when you’re a newb who has lots of questions to ask.

That’s it for now until I come up with more stuff. The only coding experience I have is years ago with LUA and a little bit of NWNScript (for the game Neverwinter Nights, I heard its similar to C). I’m hoping between CodeAcademy and developing a small game, I get a solid grasp of the language. I’ll have over 15 hours a week to devote to it so we will see.

Thanks much!

1. Visual Basic 6

2. You can only modify the code in EO 3 or earlier because 4 is closed source. If you want to do edits to the code you need to have a copy of VB6 (Visual Basic 6).

3. You can modify any version of EO besides 4. Examples are 1, 2, and 3 or any custom version a user has made.

4. You can access the shoutbox on the main forum page.

Thank you for the fast reply! I will get right on that, then.

Thank you for the fast reply! I will get right on that, then.

No problem. Glad I could help. 🙂

There’s other options that could potentially payout versus time spent dramatically, especially if you’re familiar with C syntax. Unity, XNA/MG, even Java and libGDX.

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