Outdated Client Error/Issue.

Hi guys, recently downloaded "Download Options:

Installer (39.5mb .exe) [Recommended] (The Full Package)"

I’ve set up the server just fine but now while the Server is online and running if I attempt to open the Client I get this Error, even after following what is stated within the message the client just doesn’t want to load.

I don’t understand as I have just downloaded the latest copy of EO.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

I’ll ask since I am not sure and some other people may ask. What EO are you using? EO4, EO3 or maybe Eclipse worlds or something just need to know. I have never ran into this myself but have you tried reinstalling the runtime files? If you have all I can think of to do would be a full removal then reinstall the engine once more. Hope this gets resolved soon…

Using the latest edition 4.0, tried re-installing the Runtime files and I guess I could try a fresh install if you’d think that would help.

Remove your client files and get a fresh copy of the engine.

Okay I uninstalled and Re DL’d.

Everything seems fine now 🙂


I just got myself a silver server and  i’m also running into this issue. I tried reinstalling my client, also even tried from another pc with a fresh copy on both client pc’s and this still pops up. Is my server “in the cloud” possibly running an older version than what the client has?

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