Problem with events generating constant animations

So, I made an event that looks like this


In order to create a constantly replaying animation on my map. However, the animation plays spaztically at an extremely rapid rate, which I assumed was because it wasn’t waiting for the initial cycle to end before starting it up again.

So I added a “wait” command bellow it and adjusted it until it flowed more smoothly. And when that happened, I found the true problem. It would only play the final 2 frames of the animation, no matter which animation I picked.

Am I going about this the wrong way? Is this just a bug? I’d like to hear what you have to say.

Really? Nobody has ever tried to have an animation run on their map before? Never?

are you asking how to make a animation always be running on the map

are you asking how to make a animation always be running on the map

Yeah, exactly. A constant animation that loops.

@Ninkoro  Well I tryed to recreate your problem. I first started with just placing the animation event as normal. Then I tryed messing with the animation it’s self. What I ended up with was a half playing animation that leaves after images behind. I am not sure if this is similare to your problem so I made a sort clip to show you what effect I am having and tell me if it’s similare to whats happining on your map, but sorry I am still working on this one for you and have no fix for this you. (Sorry for it being a youtube video, it was to big to upload here and I was to lazy to edit)…

Says the video is unavalible 😕

But from your description, I believe you are seeing the same thing as me. I found a minor make-shift fix where I add a wait command of like 140ms after the “play animation” command in the menu and it does play the last two frames almost fluidly with a slight flicker. Still this fix is only an improvisation to a broken script that I believe is in EO4. Unless of course we’re both doing it wrong.

I met this problem before,

Because it plays animation too fast that’s why you just see 1 frame appear, but please wait just a few second the animation will play as you wish!

A problem here the animation won’t play again and again, go to animation edit you set loop count to 100 (max), I believe have no player stand that watch the animation until it stops!

I hope this comment help you!

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